Choosing cremation doesn’t limit your options.

Many families think choosing cremation means fewer choices, but that isn’t true of our locations. Cremation offers the same service options as a traditional burial. Our experienced staff is here to help you plan a dignified reception or memorial service to honor all that your loved one means to you.

When you choose cremation with us, you will be at ease knowing that your loved one is in professional and capable hands. Throughout the entire cremation process, our expert care team will ensure your loved one is treated with dignity and honored according to your wishes.

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Explore some of our cremation options below.


Customized Cremation Services

We offer a variety of tailored cremation services so you and your family can customize the experience. At our locations families can choose from a wide selection of cremation urns, keepsakes, necklaces, and decorative boxes. We’ll meet you where you are and work with you to craft a cremation experience that fits your budget.

Special Service Options

Some area families choose a simple, streamlined cremation process, while others celebrate their loved one’s life through a personalized memorial service. No option is off-limits for those who choose cremation. At our locations, we’ve helped families arrange everything from small, private gatherings for family and close friends to larger receptions open to community members. Reach out to us to discuss what works best for you.

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Private Family Viewing

Prior to each cremation, we encourage family members to take part in a private viewing where they can say goodbye to their loved one in a comfortable and peaceful setting. At the family’s request, we can arrange special music, a group prayer or blessing, or simply a quiet place to be together as a family in the presence of their loved one.



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